MET Servers is your end-to-end partner for datacenter hardware & services. While we are best known for server hardware, we have developed a set of important datacenter IT services that make life easier for you - our IT customers and partners. 

Our main services are:

Third Party Maintenance (TPM): MET Servers offers "RackGuard", a Third Party Maintenance program. Get NBD and 4 Hour TPM service, similar to what you're used to with the major OEMs. The difference is that we'll cover your equipment that the OEM's will no longer cover. This includes equipment coming out of contract, as well as any equipment that you buy from MET Servers.

Datacenter IT Decommissioning & Buybacks: MET Servers offer buybacks for used servers, storage, and networking. We have strong resale outlets and are best suited to pay you well for your end-of-life gear. We also offer full-scale decommissioning and reverse logistics for enterprises with complex requirements. We are industry certified for data destruction.

Server & IT Equipment Financing: MET Servers works closely with several financing partners that can provide you with a long-term payment plan. Convert CAPEX to OPEX while still getting the benefits of owning your own server hardware. 

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Customer Feedback

"These guys offer amazing prices on server equipment. They also provide outstanding service & support for equipment we’ve previously purchased from them!"

Daniel C.

"Cool staff, nice and helpful. Able to get things worked out and purchased with ease. If you have questions they are super easy to contact. Local pickup or shipping (they have a huge facility along with a shipping dock). My friends and I have purchased servers, drives, etc hardware from them for our businesses and are a continued "go to" for anything we need."

Max Z.

"This is a great place to get a custom server. They strip down, clean, and test everything before putting it together, fully upgrading the BIOS, and testing it as a unit."

Zach L.