Meet Our Team!


Bikash is the Parts Sales Representative. He first started as a data admin in 2016 where he was taking pictures of parts, adjusting prices, and listing them on online channels. Through his creativity and strong work ethic, he quickly became lead for the parts sales team. He’s also helped streamline the operations across the warehouse.

Born in : Kathmandu, Nepal

With MET Since : February 2016

Favorite TV Show : Breaking Bad



Edwar is our most experienced Server Sales Representative. He started with MET’s accounting team before making the jump to the MET Servers brand. He prides himself in helping customers out, and he is a person of great integrity.

Born in : Guanajuato, Mexico

With MET Since : July 2015

Favorite TV Show : One Piece


Tejas is our newest team member. He works as a Sales Assistant with Edwar to make sure that our orders are always being processed in a timely manner. He’s calm, cool, and collected when he’s speaking with customers – but as soon as he gets off the phone, he’s in a rush to always get your issue resolved. When orders are slow on Fridays, Tejas and Edwar love to lead office chats about UFC.

Born in : Surat, Gujarat

With MET Since : April 2019

Favorite TV Show : Community


Arnav is the Managing Director at MET Servers. He overseas all operations across purchasing, sales, and warehouse management. With a finance background and tech as a hobby, Arnav knows how to find good value in used servers that our customers will appreciate.

Born in : Wichita, Kansas

With MET Since : May 2015

Favorite TV Show : Altered Carbon


Hitesh is MET’s Wholesale Manager. His wholesale purchasing helps ensure the best server deals for our customers. He was born in Uganda and moved to the UK as a young child. He’s one of the nicest people on the planet. Expect a heavy English accent when you talk to him!

Born in : Hoima, Uganda

With MET Since : November 2004

Favorite TV Show : Impractical Jokers


Lidoiny has been our Warehouse Manager for the past 3 years. He has a bulletproof memory and can remember every single pallet of servers that we have in stock without checking inventory. That’s around 200 pallets! He’s the guy that makes sure systems get pulled in a gentle and timely manner for your orders. As a health buff, his trademark is carrying a full bottle of Aloe Vera around the warehouse.

Born in : Las Estrallas, Mexico

With MET Since : May 2009

Favorite TV Show : Discovery Channel


Khoa is our Data Administrator. He is an Excel whiz and loves to find creative ways to get products up online and make sure that our prices are always updated so that you can buy right off our website.

Born in : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

With MET Since : March 2018

Favorite TV Show : Prison Break


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Customer Feedback

"These guys offer amazing prices on server equipment. They also provide outstanding service & support for equipment we’ve previously purchased from them!"

Daniel C.

"Cool staff, nice and helpful. Able to get things worked out and purchased with ease. If you have questions they are super easy to contact. Local pickup or shipping (they have a huge facility along with a shipping dock). My friends and I have purchased servers, drives, etc hardware from them for our businesses and are a continued "go to" for anything we need."

Max Z.

"This is a great place to get a custom server. They strip down, clean, and test everything before putting it together, fully upgrading the BIOS, and testing it as a unit."

Zach L.