Managed Colocation

MET Servers partners with Spin Servers for managed colocation services. You can get managed colocation on any server that you buy from MET Servers.

Spin Servers operates an enterprise-ready datacenter facility in Dallas, Texas.
With managed colocation, Spin Servers will rack & stack your servers and provide bandwidth. Spin Servers has a robust network and facility so that you can rest easily at night, knowing that your colocation requirements are being handled properly.

Datacenter features include:

- HIPAA, PCI, and SOC-2 compliance
- 24x7x365 Onsite Support
- A+B Power with standby generators
- Environmental Controls
- Computer Safe Fire Extinguisher
- Hot/Cold Aisles Containment

What are the advantages to Spin Servers' managed colocation?

- Networking: Spin Servers will handle your networking and deliver redundant 10Gbps hardware ports to your server.
- Private LAN: Get all of your servers on a private LAN, no extra setup required.
- IP Addresses: whenever you need additional IP addresses, Spin Servers has them ready for you.
- Bandwidth: Spin Servers provides wholesale rates on bandwidth on their multi-homed network.
- Easy to Service: if you need to service/upgrade your server, you don't have to pay remote hands to have it fixed. 

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Customer Feedback

"These guys offer amazing prices on server equipment. They also provide outstanding service & support for equipment we’ve previously purchased from them!"

Daniel C.

"Cool staff, nice and helpful. Able to get things worked out and purchased with ease. If you have questions they are super easy to contact. Local pickup or shipping (they have a huge facility along with a shipping dock). My friends and I have purchased servers, drives, etc hardware from them for our businesses and are a continued "go to" for anything we need."

Max Z.

"This is a great place to get a custom server. They strip down, clean, and test everything before putting it together, fully upgrading the BIOS, and testing it as a unit."

Zach L.