Full Rack Cabinet of 38x Dell PowerEdge R620 1U Servers with Arista TORs & IPMI Switches

Full Rack Cabinet of 38x Dell PowerEdge R620 1U Servers with Arista TORs & IPMI Switches

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This SKU brings together a full rack of 38 Dell PowerEdge R620 servers. The R620 is a 1U server designed for dense computing power. With dual Intel Xeon sockets and 24 DDR3 DIMM slots, you’ll be able to pack nearly 1000 CPU cores and 30TB of RAM in a single rack. With Dell’s iDRAC remote management, you’ll be setup to remotely monitor and handle your servers. The R620 is a strong option for virtualization, and this rack serves well as a cost-effective server farm.

This rack solution is also designed to support 10GbE transit. With redundant Arista 48-port SFP+ switches and Dell’s Broadcom 10GbE interface, your internal network will operate at speeds well above the norm for this price point. Each Arista switch has 4x 10G uplink ports.

The MET Servers Enterprise Rack Deployment Suite is our newest service where we will provide a fully configured rack solution. You no longer have to shop individually for your servers, networking, PDUs, cabling, rack cabinets, and maintenance contracts. MET Servers brings all of these together into a single part number. You’ll be reducing strain on your budget, while reducing the nightmare your staff deals with when coordinating across multiple vendors.

No more overnighting cables and optics once you realize those weren't accounted for. We will send out everything your technicians or datacenter need to rack, stack & cable these servers. Once these servers are turned on, they’ll be ready for you’re ready to deploy OS and launch your applications.

Like all of our Rack Deployment solutions, we have at least 10 total racks of these servers in stock. We can easily acquire more. Call us at (972) 798 1788 for larger-scale deployments or custom quotes.

Visit our Enterprise Rack Deployments to learn more.

Included in this listing:

We include all necessary cabling such as rack power cables, SFP+ DAC, and RJ45 cables. We will also include two Arista TOR’s and an IPMI switch. PDU’s and Rack Cabinet are extra options. Please note that the Rack Cabinet pictured is just a stock unit. If you choose to purchase a rack, it may be a different model. We will notify you before invoicing.

Also, for safety during shipping, servers will not be racked or cabled, as the rack can easily tip over. We will cleanly box and label all hardware, cables, zip ties, and other equipment. We can also provide diagrams for your datacenter to be able to efficiently cable these units.

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  • Processors:Dual socket R (LGA2011) Intel Xeon E5-2600 and E5-2600v2
  • Chipset:Intel C602
  • Memory:Up to 768GB ECC DDR3 in 24x DIMM slots
  • Drive Bays:Up to 10x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hard Drives
  • Expansion slots:3x x16 PCIe slots
  • Management:IDRAC7 Express Management Module or IDRAC7 Enterprise Management Module
  • Onboard Networking:Broadcom 5720 Quad Port 1GbE BASE-T
  • USB Ports:3x USB 2.0 Ports (1x front, 2x rear)

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